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The work will be done in six different work packages. To meet the goals within a period of 30 months, the work packages will run partly in parallel:

WP1: Management

WP2: Information gathering

  • Inventory of resources: Assessment of the biomass resources in the communities.
  • Study of trends in biomass related enterprises creation and development.
  • Study of best practices.

WP3: Detection of business opportunities for entrepreneurs and SMEs.

  • Description of market gaps.
  • Analysis of the feasibility of opportunities in the regions.
  • Selection of potential market opportunities.

WP4: Development of regional biomass business development action plans.

  • Assessment of technology transfer and market opportunities.
  • Regulation and incentive proposals for Public Administrations.
    • Analysis of the state or the art.
    • Elaboration of proposals: Incentives and regulations.
  • Recommendation paper.
  • Meetings with Public Administrations.

WP5: Communication and Dissemination.

  • Awareness campaign.
  • Branding and promotion.
  • Local dissemination, including workshops.
  • Dissemination to municipalities, local and regional governments.
  • EU dissemination, including website of the project.
WP6: Common Dissemination Activities.

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