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BIOBUSINESS focuses on the inclusion of business aspects in technology introduction processes and the development of the biomass sector, considering it as the whole chain. Its successful outcome will result in an approach which could be applicable in other renewable energy industries or other cases where a community is faced with coming to terms with significant change.

Foreseen tools to be developed are:

  • Study of the biomass potential: Inventory of resources.
  • Study of trends in biomass technology enterprise creation and development.
  • Study of biomass technology enterprise creation and development best practices.
  • Study of biomass-related sector market gaps and business opportunities.
  • Technology transfer opportunities analysis.
  • Analysis of the state-of-the-art of the biomass-related legislative frameworks in the regions participants.
  • Regional development action plans.

Main expected results and potential anticipated impacts are the following:

  • New direct and indirect employments triggered off.
  • Creation or extension of new business.
  • Expression of interest from Public Administrations in order to follow the recommendation paper.

he communities which participated in BIOBUSINESS project can be expected to have a significant development of biomass-related sector, expecting the creation of many new SMEs and the development of new biomass business-related activities in existing companies from renewable sectors or others. This will also offer new employment possibilities to the regions involved.


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