Project Objective






Supported by:
Intelligent Energy Europe



The aim of this project is to promote biomass technologies by developing regional biomass business development action plans in order to foster the deployment of biomass-related initiatives and to initiate the necessary regional investments and actions in biomass technologies.

BIOBUSINESS will investigate:

  • Promotion of entrepreneurship in biomass-related sector, covering the whole chain.
  • Promotion of SMEs development by fostering biomass-related activities among existing biomass companies and other companies from other different sectors (Intrapreneurship).
  • New market and business opportunities in biomass chain.
  • Establishment of the adequate legislative framework and corresponding instruments (ordinances, tax cuts…) for biomass initiatives.
  • Promotion of technology transfer opportunities in biomass-related sector.
  • Economical development, employment and environmental benefits for the communities.

Target groups:

  • Entrepreneurs, SMEs and promoters.
  • Private investors, Seed Capital and Risk Capital societies.
  • Industrial and Service-related SMEs.
  • Municipalities and Governments (Local, provincial, regional, national).
  • Citizens.
  • Community representatives.
  • Energy Management Agencies.
  • Industrial Development Agencies.

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